Monday, August 31, 2015

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Confirm deletion on deleting files in windows 8 and later

In previous Windows versions, whenever you delete a file or folder, Windows asks for your confirmation before moving it to Recycle Bin but Microsoft has removed this confirmation dialog from Windows 8. In Windows 8 as soon as you press the "Delete" key, the selected file or folder is automatically deleted and moved to Recycle Bin without any confirmation prompt.
Many Windows 8 users like this move but there are some other people who are not liking this step. They want to bring back the delete confirmation dialog in Windows 8.

If you also want to re-enable delete confirmation dialog in Windows 8, following steps will help you:
1. Right-click on Recycle Bin icon on Desktop and select Properties.
2. Now enable "Display delete confirmation dialog" option and apply the changes.

Thats it ..
You are done now.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Use of Image-X tool for installation of XP & win7

First of all create a bootable pen and create installation of win 7 or Windows PE disk/pendrive.
Now create a windows xp and windows 7 Image files.(guide)
Don’t forget to copy driver files in the associate folders before creating the image.
Name the image files as winxp.wim and win7.wim.
Or you can create your own using ImageX tool.
Here below is the video

We  now require to deploy the images into other systems.
Now use of image-x command line (microsoft description) is given as here.
You can download ImageX tool from here.
Now create a folder name Images in your pen drive and paste all the contents here.
Also paste the winxp.wim  &  win7.wim in this folder.
Now Start your system with win 7 / win PE disk / pendrive
run the setup of win 7 bootable from pen drive and at the installation screen press shift+ f10.
Here you will get a command prompt.
Now say for example your pen drive letter is J and OS drive is C. (note you can see drive letters by typing diskpart then press enter and then type list volume)
So now type J:
Then type cd images
Now to install XP type imagex /apply winxp.wim 1 C:
Same as to install win7 type imagex /apply win7.wim 1 C:
Now if installing XP you will need to make it your master boot record ntldr bootable so after deploying the image type bootsect.exe /nt52 C: and for win7 bootsect.exe /nt60 C:
Exit from this menu and restart the system. That’s all

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Making of Windows 7 USB using no third party tools.

Hello guys.
Lots of ways to make a pen drive bootable.
Link to download the tool is here
But creating bootable pen drive using third party tools may contain virus.
So just follow this step & you will be able to make bootable drive on ur own without any 3rd party tool.

1.    USB DRIVE (minimum of 4 GB)
2.    Windows 7 OS (working system)
3.    Windows 7 OS Media.

1.    Format the USB drive with NTFS file system.
2.    Open the command prompt with admin privileges.
3.    Type diskpart and then press enter. Screen looks as below
4.    Now type list volume and it will show you the list of all the drives available on your computer.

5.    So here I have volume 6. (Drive J) as my pen drive.
6.    Now type select volume J (Please select your drive here and be careful in selecting the drive)
7.    You will get an asterisk sign before volume after the selection.
8.    It will appear as *Volume 6   J        NTFS Removable  14 GB  Healthy
9.    Now type format quick fs=ntfs
10.    Then type active.
11.    Then type exit and now copy all the data of the CD/media to your pen drive as it is.
12.    Now here comes the critical part.
13.    Now you have to make the pendrive bootmgr compatible to boot during the startup.
14.    To do so open command prompt and type bootsect /nt60 J:
15.    Please note that here I have J: as my pen drive letter.
16.    That’s it, Now select your pen drive as your first boot device and start the way you boot from ur disk.